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“The success of my career transition from non-profit to asset management is directly attributable to Toigo, one of the first resources I think of when confronted with a challenging career related situation. I continue to consult with my Toigo mentors and have called on the assistance of staff to strategically navigate my career.”


The Toigo Alumni Endowment website has been created to provide current and future donors with information regarding the history of the Endowment, pertinent resource documents and to facilitate online payments against pledges.


At Toigo’s 2005 Gala, under the leadership of Adam Karr (Harvard ’97), the founding Board of the Toigo Alumni Endowment announced their plans to build a fund themed ‘Investing in our Future, Endless Returns’. By May of 2006, the Board had successfully garnered pledges totaling $385,000 toward the initial goal of $400,000. The intention of the endowment was and is today to create a sustaining vehicle to fund Fellowships and activities that promote the advancement and professional development of Toigo Alumni.

In 2007, the Toigo Alumni Endowment became an official 501(c)3 registered in the State of California. The fund is governed by an all-Alumni Board of Directors with the support of the staff of the Toigo Foundation in both administrative and governance matters. To date, more than 90% of the pledges made since the launch of the funds have been fulfilled. Nearly $500,000 was raised in the initial campaign and in ongoing commitments made by Alumni. Phase 2 of the fund is set to launch by mid-2012.

The Board of Directors has managed the funds prudently over the past several years, preserving capital and ensuring market returns. Even during the most difficult periods in 2009, proactive measures taken in 2008 to place funds in a temporarily restricted account (which was later protected by the Treasury Guarantee Program) ensured the greatest portion of the funds received were preserved so that the Board could continue to bring closure to all commitments by the end of the inaugural campaign period.

Investing in Our Future…Endless Returns

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