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“It was my great honor to be able to repay the wonderful gift that this organization gave me. I am humbled by the Foundation’s commitment to helping others and everything Toigo has achieved for our industry.”


The Board of Directors is representative of Toigo Alumni from various graduating classes, schools and investment sectors. Each brings a personal passion for the role Toigo has played in their academic and professional lives and each has a strong desire to continue their time and expertise in growing the fund which can make a meaningful impact on the Toigo Foundation and its legacy in the future.

Members serve on Committees for more in depth focus and discussion on cash management, investments, fundraising or governance.

The decisions made by the alumni-led board means that the investment of funds are determined by sound financial skills and strong sense of fiduciary responsibility with an eye to building a financial resource for the future of the organization.

The fiscal year for the Foundation is calendar year.

Board of Directors – Executive Committee

  • Roland Merchant, Board Chair

  • Onay Payne, Vice Chair

  • Joseph Acevedo, Treasurer

  • Charles Willis, Finance Chair

  • Tessie Shih, Secretary

All Endowment Donors are eligible, should you have interest, to be considered for membership on the Board of Directors, as vacancies occur. If you determine that this volunteer service is of interest and you would like to know more about the governance process, please contact Roland Merchant, Chair.

The Alumni Endowment Fund is a non-profit, 501c3 corporation.